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ARIBEX Nomad Pro2 Handheld

ARIBEX Nomad Pro2 Handheld now under the trusted brand of, you gain all the reliability and efficiency advantages that every busy dental office needs and appreciates.

The new ARIBEX Nomad Pro2 Handheld provides a powerful freedom in workflow that is unattainable with wall-mount units.

From its safety and portability to its image capture and new features, ARIBEX Nomad Pro2 Handheld is designed with the practice, the clinician, and the patient in mind.

  • Utilizing the latest X-ray technology, preserve the quality of your images and deliver exact, repeatable exposures
  • The higher-capacity battery technology keeps pace with the demands of busy dental practices
  • Ergonomic design innovations make the shape and weight dispersion of the device more stable in your palm
  • The unique, lead-impregnated acrylic shield protects the operator from direct and scatter radiation
  • The internal proprietary housing encases the X-ray tube and backscatter shield to block radiation leakage

Freedom is in your hands with the ability to take an X-ray anywhere out of the office and in any treatment area in your practice. Portable and easy to use, the ARIBEX Nomad Pro2 Handheld allows you to move freely between operatories and to remain chairside when it really counts. This innovatively designed unit allows you to stay with your patient during the procedure, especially with fearful or challenging patients. No more leaving the room to trigger exposures only to return to find that the X-ray head has drifted or that your patient has moved necessitating a retake of the radiograph. From changing image capture settings to exposing the X-ray, you can be there by your patient’s side creating a positive radiographic experience for you both.

Battery 21.6 V DC Lithium Ion
Voltage 60 kV true DC
Current 2.5 mA
Exposure time range 0.02 – 1.00 s
Focal spot 0.4 mm
Inherent filtration > 1.5 mm Al equivalent
Source to skin distance 20 cm
x-ray field 60 mm round
Maximum duty cycle 1:60
Total weight 6.0 lbs. (2.7kg)
Approximate dimensions
W 5.5” x L 11” x H 10.5”
(W 14 cm x L 28 cm x H 27 cm)

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