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Draminski 4Vet Slim Portable Ultrasound

4Vet Slim Colour Doppler Portable Ultrasound system is ideal for Equine and Companion Animal Examinations. Ideal for Point of Care ultrasound exams on a variety of species in a variety of environments.

With a large, bright 10” touchscreen.

High-quality lithium-ion battery charges swiftly and provides up to 4 hours on a single charge and includes an AC adapter for continuous operation. 4Vet Slim includes full 2-year manufacturer warranty fully supported in Canada.

Price: Starting at $17,495 with optional wheeled trolley and probe arm extension/introducer Draminski 4Vet Slim Portable Ultrasound

Draminski 4Vet Slim Portable Ultrasound


  • Broad 2– 14 MHz frequency.
  • B, B B, 4B, M, B M, Color Doppler, PDI, PWD
  • Choose between up to 5 interchangeable probes and automatic probe recognition.
  • Beautiful, high-resolution LCD LED 10.4” touchscreen.
  • Designed for all species and specifically equine and companion animal examinations.
  • Small, lightweight, portable system perfect for point of care in different settings and environments.
  • Includes 3 Doppler functions – Colour Doppler, Power Doppler and Pulse Wave Doppler.
  • Distance, Area, Volume, Grid, Elipse, Stenosis, Narrowing; & Obstetrics Tables for Measuring Gestational Age for multiple species.
  • Pre-Sets included: Needle Guided Software, Abdominal Cavity Cat, Abdominal Cavity Medium-size Dog, Abdominal Cavity Large Dog, Mare Pregnancy, Mare Ovary, Mare Uterus, Horse Tendons.
  • Needle enhancement and needle guided software for Ovum-Pick-Up and Embryo Transfers.
  • Memory 100 GB save images and cine loop with description, patient data and date.
  • Dicom 3.0
  • Power Supply includes AC adapter for continuous operation and Includes lithium ion battery (external) for up to 4 hours portable working time per charge.
  • Draminski 4Vet Slim Portable Ultrasound

Probes Available (all 128 crystal transducers):

  • Convex 2-5 MHz with main frequency of 3,5 MHz
  • Convex 2-8 MHz with a main frequency of 5 MHz
  • Linear 6-14 MHz with a main frequency of 10 MHz 40 mm
  • Vaginal Endocavity 4-9 MHz with a main frequency of 6,5 MHz 10 mm
  • Micro-Convex 4-9 MHz with a main frequency of 6,5 MHz 15 mm
  • P–Probe – Rectal Micro-Convex4-9 Mhz with a main frequency of 5 MHZ 20 mm
  • Rectal Linear 4-9 MHz with a main frequency of 7 MHz 60 mm
  • Ovum Pick Up OPU 4-9 MHz with a main frequency of 6,5 MHz 11 mm
  • BackFat for Swine  3,7 MHz 15 mm
  • BackFat for Cattle 3.7 Mhz 18 mm
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