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Idexx Catalyst Dx Chemistry

  • Load and go: run multiple samples for results in minutes.
  • Choose the tests you want to run with 7 preloaded CLIPs or 34 Catalyst tests available in preloaded CLIPs and single-slide formats.
  • Save hands-on time with onboard whole blood separation, automated sample pipetting, and dilutions.

Idexx Catalyst Dx Chemistry SDMA

Assess kidney function in-house, with this essential chemistry parameter

Add the Catalyst SDMA Test to any CLIP and get complete results during the patient visit. One sample, one run, and the answers you need to act early to improve patients’ lives.

Idexx Catalyst Dx Chemistry Total T4 (TT4)

Easily screen, diagnose, and manage thyroid disease during the patient visit

Total T4 can be added to any test panel, allowing for a comprehensive chemistry, electrolyte, and total T4 profile in one run with a single patient sample in approximately 15 minutes.

Maintain continuity of care with same-day pre- and postprandial results

Reference laboratory accuracy and comparable reportable range for results in just 15 minutes per run


Reliably predict canine ovulation with quantitative, in-house results

Run Catalyst Progesterone to inform successful breeding management.


Count on accurate results with dry-slide technology

Up to 73% of veterinary samples are compromised.1 See how dry-slide technology ensures accurate results even from compromised samples.

Idexx Catalyst Dx Chemistry Specification :

Dimensions & weight

Width: 14 in (35.56 cm)

Depth: 16.25 in (41.28 cm)

Height: 17.25 in (43.82 cm)

Weight: approximately 50 lb (22 kg)

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