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Lutronic LaseMD Ultra Laser is an impressive upgrade to their already successful LaseMD,” shared Steven Weiner, MD, from Lutronic.

“Not only is it more powerful (20 watts vs 12 watts) but it also has a significantly lower consumable cost than competitive systems. The LaseMD ULTRA offers a new larger spot size and incorporates improved ‘top hat’ beam profile. The system also offers an incredibly advanced graphical user interface.

“The integration of all the new features with real-time information helps reduce treatment time and achieve satisfying patient results in fewer treatments. Since no anesthesia is required, I can treat a full face in about 6-8 minutes or treat the face, neck and chest in 20 minutes.”

Lutronic LaseMD Ultra Laser is yet another example of Lutronic’s commitment to Intelligent Design for Intelligent Care, according to the company in a media release. Features include:

Highest available power allows for fast treatments, customizable for multiple areas
Gentle, effective global improvement for all skin types, all year-round
Comfortable treatments with very little downtime
Minimal cost of ownership, easy to delegate and no shot limit per procedure

“LaseMD ULTRA is my favorite new addition to my practice. It allows me to treat multiple areas quickly, effectively and for very low cost,” adds Joel Cohen, MD, in the release. “My patients love the comfortable treatments and impressive results with minimal downtime.”

The LaseMD ULTRA a high-power platform which provides a full range of applications in all skin types, including:

Age spots (lentigos),
Sunspots (solar lentigos),
Freckles (ephilides),
Actinic Keratoses, and
Treatment of other benign pigmented lesions.

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