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Deka Synchro Replay Hair Removal

offers the fastest and most powerful Alexandrite laser coupled with nd:YAG laser technology and the largest available target spot (24 mm) for fast, efficient, comfortable laser hair removal. Made by Deka Medical, this laser features “Top Hat Spot Technology” that delivers a very even distribution of energy across the entire spot of the laser beam. This eliminates any hot spots, eliminating the risks associated with overtreating the skin or undertreating due to uneven laser energy distribution.

  • has what is called Top Hat Spot Technology. This is a very even (think the shape of a top hat) distribution of energy, not the usual bell curve with most other lasers. This even distribution of energy on the entire spot of the laser beam eliminates all risks either of overtreating the skin, or of not properly irradiating it due to low energy towards the edge of the spot.
  • It has multiple spot sizes with speeds in excess of three pulses per second. This makes for very fast treatment times.
  • It features a unique pulse configuration and beam profile that make the far more comfortable than many other lasers used for hair removal.
  • The settings can be completely customized based on the patient.
  • By adding power to the Alexandrite laser, the is at least 25 percent more powerful than any other system out there.
  • Power was also added to the Nd:YAG laser source, making it 30 percent more powerful than other YAG lasers on the market.
  • This is the top worldwide laser system for speed and power for laser hair removal.

Deka Synchro Replay Hair Removal is excellent for darker skin tones and tanned skin that other laser hair removal lasers cannot treat. This is because most other lasers need a high contrast between the skin tone and the hair color. That makes it easy for the laser to differentiate and deliver its energy into the hair shaft, rather than the surrounding skin. The Synchro REPLA:Y has 12 different handpieces that allow us to deliver the safest, most effective laser hair removal without worrying about damaging the surrounding skin.

The FT pulsed light has ten different filters divided in five spectra of emission (500-520-550-600-650nm) and two spot areas. This flexibility is useful to adapt the emitted light to the patient skin type, application and treatment area.

Standard Handpieces

– More than 10 selectable handpieces

– Different spotsizes available (2.5 – 24 mm)

– Automatic spot recognition system

– Ergonomic connector for air-cooling devices


– Deka Synchro Replay Hair Removal

Wavelength: 1064 nm
Pulse Energy: 120 J (max)
Pulse Lenght: 0.2 ms to 300 ms
Frequency Single Pulse: 10Hz (max)
Spot Diameter: 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, 7mm, 5mm, 2.5mm
Emission Spectrum: 500-950 nm and 650-950 nm

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